The Cure for Resort Fatigue: Your Laguna Beach Home

Welcome to your dream vacation. Smile. You’ll be battling crowds, lines, traffic, snarls, and snags. Let down your hair, and it’ll get tangled. What? You don’t like frazzled nerves? Maybe you should’ve stayed home. Not a bad idea. If you live in Laguna Beach, you’ve got it made. You’re already basking sunshine,  tax-free ocean breezes, and maybe a panoramic ocean view. No doubt about it. Your Laguna Beach home is perfect for a ‘stay-cation.’

You might be drawing a blank. A stay-cation? You’re not prepared for this major life choice. What can you possibly do? It’s your residence, after all. Nothing ever happens here. Relax. Your Laguna Beach home is rich with possibilities. Look around, and you’ll see. Still not ringing any bells? OK, OK, you’ll get some suggestions.

But first, ditch the suitcases. Hide them deep, sell them on eBay, or pack them on the next moon launch. Whatever it takes. You want no reminders of what might have been. You’re starting clean. OK, here goes --     

Game Zone

Think you’re the ultimate athlete? Admit it. You haven’t tried every sport. Here’s your chance to learn something new in conjunction with willing family members.  Those unwilling should be bribed without delay.

Parents can learn a great lesson in all this – there’s more to life than video games. Once this sinks in, they can stop playing them and join their kids in a variety of outdoor activities.

Among the possible games are croquet, badminton, horseshoes, and space permitting, soccer. Come on, you always wanted to slam one through the goal. Here’s your chance.    

Personal Water Park

When you get right down to it, what’s a water park but a place to get royally soaked?  And not just by the admission price. Why let them drain your wallet and your energy? You paid your water bill, didn’t you? OK, then create your own personal water park (PWP). All it takes is a high-power sprinkler -- and a willingness to embarrass yourself by joining your family as they run like mad through cascading water.

Don’t forget to scream your head off. Neighbors will respect your right to free expression as they plot to have you hauled away. No matter how much your neighbors unleash the ridicule, hold your ground. When these same folks crawl back from their ‘dream’ vacations, they’ll wish they had joined you.

Voyage of Discovery

You may be surprised to learn that your own backyard is uncharted territory. Have you ever really looked around the yard? Of course not. You’ve been too busy snoozing on the comfy lounge chair. That all changes on your Laguna Beach home stay-cation.

So, gather up the family and explore the backyard, observing nature in all its glory. This is your own wilderness walk, without the aching muscles and throbbing toes.

If you’re really serious, you can do this at night. In fact, why not turn the occasion into an overnight backyard camping trip? All that’s required are a sleeping bag, oversupply of s’mores, a quality tent, and somebody capable of pitching it.