Price-Slashed Laguna Beach Homes Offer More for Less

If price reductions were haircuts, these Laguna Beach homes would be trimmed to the scalp. How much has been shaved off the price tag? Their cost per square foot is a meager $750-$900,  well South of the $1200 average for local properties. But don’t be thrown by the discount. These Laguna Beach properties are gems, gleaming with all the coastal charm and sophistication you’d expect from this exclusive community.  


450 Radcliffe Ct

How would you like to jump (or crawl) out of bed, slip into a pair of sandals, and stroll to the sunny shores of a nearby white-sand seashore? This beach-close Laguna Beach home lets you experience this dream journey – any time you chose. It tops it off with breathtaking panoramic views of the local coastline, plus 2,100 square feet of luxurious living space.

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1266 Morningside Drive

The Laguna Beach home is nestled on a sprawling lot graced by gorgeous lush foliage and majestic oak trees. Inside, you’ll enjoy the epitome of luxurious refinements, including sumptuous living rooms, soft-flowing natural light, and a pair of cozy fireplaces perfect for long winter evenings. Just beyond the front door is a well-traveled hiking trail leading straight to the ultimate hilltop view site -- Top of the World.

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2930 Terry Road

Tucked away in gorgeous Victoria Beach, this stunning Laguna Beach home electrifies the senses with exhilarating panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and picturesque Catalina Island. This bounty of scenic splendor is exquisitely complemented by an open floor plan, soaring vaulted ceilings, and many other enticing highlights.  

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1427 Regatta Road

Picture stunning canyon and hillside views as far as the eye can see … a spacious living room and vaulted ceilings … view decks perfect for hours of entertaining. That’s just a glimpse of the luxury living offered by this alluring Laguna Beach home. Indulge yourself in the dream.   

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601 Diamond Street

Stunning ocean views from a spacious balcony and comfortable patio highlight the visual drama that complements the luxury of this Laguna Beach home. Nestled in the tranquil charm of Woods Cove, the residence matches its scenic allure with a wealth of world-class features. Among them are a beautifully remodeled kitchen enriched by luxurious white cabinetry, newly added stucco, and a customizable bonus room.

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Time the Market for the Best Real Estate Deal

For 23 years, I’ve been sharing this secret with the world. Some of you have listened and profited handsomely. Others have ignored me and paid through the nose. Still others are new to the whole idea. So, for the benefit of the buying public, I’m going to reveal this money-saving secret for the umpteenth time.  Ignore it at your own risk. Ready? OK …

The best time to buy a home is in October and November, and close your deal by December 31.  By the time those champagne glasses clink, the property should be yours, lock stock and barrel.

Why is this the optimum buying period?

1.     Seller Fatigue

First, during this holly, jolly time of year, many sellers are flat-out exhausted.  In many cases, their homes have been stuck on the market for 4 months or more. Not only are sellers frustrated by the endless waiting, they’re worn to the nub by an onslaught of open houses. All that drudgery keeping gardens radiant with blooming plants, making their beds to perfection, and keeping toys safely tucked away in closets and chests. And the ultimate torture – banning the cooking of garlic for fear of the lingering reek. Yeah, a nasty odor is guaranteed buyer repellent. Better to spare the garlic than spoil the sale. 

2.     The Holidays Are Here

Can’t think about open houses when there are open stores. Like everyone else, sellers have dinners to plan, gifts to buy, decorations to spread around, and in-laws to flee. Who’s got time to schmooze buyers? It’s way too much strain, and sellers want out. Anything for some good ol’ peace of mind. And that anything … (drumroll please) … is the quick, convenient sale. The result – major price slashings on unsold properties. Cha-ching!

This is a golden opportunity for bargain-hungry home shoppers. Great deals are in the offing. You wouldn’t mind a little extra holiday cash in your wallet? A big wad of green stuffing your stocking? Now is the time to strike. The bargains are plentiful, and the sellers eager to unload. What more could  you ask for? It’s raining deals  

3.     But You Don’t Have the Luxury of Time

Don’t imagine you can drag your feet on this – that motivated sellers will wait until you’re good and ready to sign on the dotted line. They won’t. You see, there’s a psychological element at play here. Sellers generally want to jump into the new year fresh and clean, with last year’s baggage behind them. A major chunk of that baggage is their unsold home. If that’s still on their plate, the moment is ruined. And their selling impulse might very well fade.

So buyers MUST, no exceptions, write their offer to close on or before the first of the year. Fail in this mission, and you risk losing the deal of the century. Plus, there’s always the possibility of a competing buyer swopping in and snatching the prize. Upshot? Don’t mess around – get it done.

And I’m just the savvy real estate professional to help you get it done. With over 20 years of experience in the challenging Laguna Beach real estate market, I’m well-acquainted with the territory. I know the players, the communities, and the values. What works and what doesn’t. All of which means I can guarantee you the very best deal in the shortest amount of time. I won’t let the big one get away.

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Steal a Summertime Deal in Sunny Laguna Beach

How far can a few million dollars stretch in today’s world? All the way to the sea!  Here are four show-stopping Laguna Beach homes attractively priced for discriminating buyers who know value. Tucked away in one of the world’s ultimate coastal getaways, these exquisite retreats strike the perfect balance between California casual and uncompromising luxury – all offered at irresistible prices.

31906 9th.jpeg

31906 9th Ave

Mid-century Laguna Beach cottage is tucked away in the community of fun and sun. Friendly people on the move with baby carriages, the family dog, friends and family – energy everywhere.  And the home – get ready for amazing. Features a super-plush family room, floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning ocean views, spacious deck for siesta seekers, and a secluded side patio. Just a short walk away is paradise -- Thousand Steps Beach, the ultimate getaway for serious sun worshippers.

2230 Temple Hills.jpeg

2230 Temple Hills Dr

Nestled behind a private gate, this ocean-view showplace seduces you with a striking array of state-of-the-art features. The selection includes polished hardwood floors, plantation shutters, and a private master suite enhanced by exhilarating ocean views. Enter the family room, and you’ll be  dazzled by mesmerizing ocean and canyon views. Feeling the urge? OK, unleash your inner chef in the impeccably remodeled kitchen. Afterwards, enjoy the feast in the shady splendor of your covered patio.  

135 Crescent Bay.jpeg

135 Crescent Bay Dr

If a home ever qualified as a must-see, this is it. First, let’s talk location. The striking three-level residence is nestled on prestigious Crescent Bay Drive. But that’s just for starters. This residence is graced with the finest in irresistible touches. You’ll be treated to spectacular ocean views, whitewashed exposed beam ceilings, ensuite bath, private balcony, three-car garage, and more. One fireplace not enough? No problem. This hideaway satisfies your taste for abundance with a generous total of 3 exquisite fireplaces. You’ll never want for a warm welcome.  

22165 Paseo Del Sur.jpeg

22165 Paseo Del Sur

If you put a premium on privacy, you’ll cherish this secluded South Laguna Beach home. But that’s just one facet of this jewel. You’ll also enjoy electrifying views of the shimmering Pacific Ocean, picturesque Catalina Island, and majestic canyons. Nestled on a tranquil cul-de-sac, this residence offers more than 3,400 square feet of sumptuous living space on a generous open floor plan. Your distinctive living experience is enriched by soaring vaulted ceilings, a wine bar, and outdoor entertainment decks perfect for dedicated party people.

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The Cure for Resort Fatigue: Your Laguna Beach Home

The Cure for Resort Fatigue: Your Laguna Beach Home

A stay-cation? You’re not prepared for this major life choice. What can you possibly do? It’s your residence, after all. Nothing ever happens here. Relax. Your Laguna Beach home is rich with possibilities. Look around, and you’ll see. Still not ringing any bells? OK, OK, you’ll get some suggestions.

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Are Your Online Photos Giving Too Much Away?

Move over viruses. There’s a new e-threat in town. Known as a geotag, this bit of information is routinely embedded in photos and videos taken with GPS-equipped smartphones and digital cameras. Why the concern? Because a geotag reveals the exact longitude and latitude of the photo location. This means that if you take a picture at your home and share it via Internet or cell phone, you’re potentially telling everyone and anyone where you hang your hat. Now add to this photo a quaint message such as “see you all when we return from our three week expedition in the Himalayas,” and you’ve just handed a gold-engraved invitation to any would-be burglars engaged in online eavesdropping.

Both security experts and privacy advocates are spreading the word about the geotag risk. As they point out, the biggest problem is that geotag information isn’t visible to casual viewers. So a large slice of John Q. Public doesn’t even know what dangers lurk within many of their photos.

The geotag risk is becoming so pronounced that a group of academic researchers and independent Web security analysts have embarked on their own awareness-raising crusade. Called the ‘white hat hackers’, this dedicated group has been publishing studies and giving presentations at a variety of tech gatherings.  Their findings reveal widespread geotagged photos and videos on a sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Craigslist. Not only do the pictures give away the location of homes, they also put the spotlight on children playing at home, pricy automobiles, computers, and flat-screen TV’s. Obviously, most people wouldn’t want this private information falling into the wrong hands.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

If you’re one of the thousands of people using a GPS-enabled smartphone, there are two ways to eliminate the geotag risk: Stop sharing your photos OR Disable the phone’s geotag function. Now before breathing that big sigh of relief, you should know that performing the latter isn’t as easy as it sounds. Switching off the geotag feature involves going through an ‘invisible’ menu that only the most tech savvy seem to know about. Once you discover the top secret location, be prepared. You’ll be required to be push your way through layer after layer of menus before finally hitting the jackpot – the Location setting. Then it’s just a matter of selecting ‘off’ or ‘don’t allow’. But once again, there’s a catch. Sometimes taking this step can disable ALL GPS functions.

Beware the Unknown Threat

Many times friends and visiting family members will feel the urge the snap a few photos in and around your home. While these pics make for great memories, they also pose the same potential risk that your personal photographs do. So make sure your shutterbug visitors are aware of the geotag issue, and that they take steps to address it. The last thing all of you want is a house picked clean by somebody with too much information.

If you’d like to learn more about geotags or other online issues, I’ll be delighted to help. And, of course, if you’d like to know more about getting that Laguna Beach home you’ve always wanted, I’m always available. As one of the area’s premier Coastal Property Experts, I can answer all of your questions and help you discover the numerous opportunities the Laguna Beach Real Estate market has to offer.

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Time To Trade Up

Leverage Your Orange County Real Estate Profits

One of my neighbors just happens to be a fellow Laguna Beach real estate agent. Back in 2005, when the market hit its peak, this savvy realtor snapped up a fixer-upper just as it fell out of escrow. Total Price -- $1.4 million. Every acquaintance of the agent, including myself, dubbed this the deal of the century! 

Moving full steam ahead, the realtor began remodeling his diamond in the rough. Out went space-hogging walls. In came gorgeous hardwood floors. Skylights were added to the bathrooms, which were expanded to accommodate four. Exquisite hand-picked granite, discovered after an intensive three-week hunt, was beautifully set into place. After ten weeks of deep makeovers, the restoration was complete. The once-shabby eyesore was now a gleaming treasure of incomparable beauty. Understandably, the realtor fell in love with the jewel.  

After receiving notice of occupancy from the city, the beaming realtor told his dad about the new object of his affection. “Sell it,” advised papa. The smitten agent, however, was now married to what no longer was a house but a ‘home’. So he took up residence in the little castle, which was bundled with a mortgage of $7,300 per month (including property taxes). No matter. He’d cover every penny with ease. This was 2006, and the real estate business was booming. 

Had the agent listened to papa, he could have sold his gem for a cool $1.9 million, taking in an easy profit of $100,000. Instead, the realtor waited until things started turning sour. The first writing on the wall appeared in 2007, when the Orange County real estate market clearly was getting ugly. By the time 2008 rolled in, the marketplace had sunk into a deep, dank pit. As with most realtors, my neighbor’s livelihood took a beating. The once-manageable $7,300 mortgage suddenly became a snarling monster. He had to unload his dream home -- fast. The house was now a diminishing asset, which the agent knew would be worth $100,000 less in six months. And in six months after that, the home’s value would plummet by the same amount. And so forth on a distressingly downward spiral. 

In 2008, my neighbor unloaded the precious home for $1.6 million, slammed by a total loss of over $425,000. Down the drain went every penny he invested in the remodeling project. Still, he was more than grateful for the price he did squeeze out of the sale in such a stormy market. As the agent predicted, the home’s value slipped even further south in very short order. By the time the market bottomed in ‘011, the house could fetch somewhere between $1.2-$1.3 million. 

But, of course, we have now waltzed into 2013 -- well past the brutal bottom of ‘011. And the market has roared back resoundingly. That owner who snapped up my neighbor’s home at $1.6 already has made a robust $100,000 -- that same property currently is worth $1.7 million. And, mark my words, it will be worth $1.8 million in another 365 days. 

If at any time during the downturn of ‘08-‘011 you bought a Laguna Beach home, a Dana Point home, or a Laguna Niguel home, you can sell it for a handsome profit right now.  The closer to the low point of ‘011 the purchase, the greater your profit margin. 

So why not transform those profits into your dreams? Right now you can leverage those healthy gains to move closer to the water, acquire more living space, or make that long-awaited move from Laguna Niguel to Laguna Beach. But be warned. Real estate prices are on the rise, with no end in sight. Waiting even a few months to grab your opportunity may well put your desired Laguna Beach home, Dana Point home, or Laguna Niguel home way out of reach. 

Would you like to learn more about your opportunities in the Orange County real estate market? Contact the caring professionals at The Coastal Property Experts today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We promise you’ll get what you want in the Laguna Beach real estate and Orange County real estate market…much sooner than you think. 


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